The Caleb Foundation exists to champion the next generation locally and globally through initiatives that we sponsor throughout the year.

Why Caleb


In 2009 Caleb Sterling Koke was relocated to heaven. The Caleb Foundation was created out of the overflow of who Caleb was. His life was cut short but his legacy is just beginning.

The Koke family started this foundation not just to turn their grief into something beautiful, but because this is an actual reflection of Caleb. He was the kind of guy that would look you in the eye and really care about your situation. He went on a few mission trips himself and always returned completely transformed and compelled to do something about the hurting world around him.

On one specific trip, Caleb went to El Salvador and spent most of his time there with the local children. He couldn’t believe the level of devastation and poverty he saw and his heart was moved to action. He didn’t know what exactly he could do, so he did what he could with what was in his hand. He gave away everything he brought with him and returned to Austin with an empty suitcase.

Since the next generation is what moved Caleb’s heart, we decided to focus our efforts there. It is our honor to carry on his legacy and empty our suitcases to champion the next generation both locally and globally.

What we do